About Granite Countertops

About Granite Countertops

If you think there might be a kitchen remodeling project in your future, then you really should consider granite countertops. Granite kitchen countertops are not only beautiful and durable, but also add value to your home. Have a look at Granite Depot of Knoxville for more info on this.

A Little About Granite

Granite is a tough and durable stone, but it does come in varying grades. This is primarily concerned with how much calcite is in the granite. Calcite is a mineral that creates calcite and marble. The question is that it responds to acids with calcite found in granite. The other question is how permeable it is with granite. Any granites need an impregnating sealant to be added before it can be used for a granite countertop. Lighter granite shades generally require a scanning system. Fortunately, there are a few tests you can do with the granite samples you intend to use. The experiments may be conducted concurrently.

For the first check, add a few drops of the lemon juice on the smooth side of the granite and wait for 5 minutes after thoroughly powdering the sample. Place some water and a couple of drops of cooking oil in the neighborhood as you wait. Offer them a five minutes rest. Hold an eye on these check spots as you are waiting. You may need to patch the granite in order to secure it from leaks, should you find the water or oil spots darkened within 5 minutes. If it doesn’t darken, it may not be appropriate to seal the granite. Within 5 minutes you would need the impregnating sealant to cover granite if the spots within lemon juice are dull

There are essentially 3 directions to go with your kitchen countertop dream. The choice depends on how much money you can spare or expend on granite countertops.


Granite countertops Installation of granite countertops is the least expensive choice. You can take granite tiling and epoxy them to your counter for around $4 a square 4-foot. While this may be a beautiful look for your table, it has several seams. Normally, seams on the countertop are something to prevent since they are sure to be a leak.

The next move is the option of compact granite countertops. Pre-cut countertop bits of adhesive are put with around $25 per square foot. This reduces seams and makes them look smoother. The advantages of these first two options are that they can all be carried out as self-projects.

Finally, a remodeling firm is hired to build and cut a granite plate countertop. That is the most costly choice at around $60 per square foot, but the most exciting outcome would be the alternative. It is not realistic to take this alternative as a do-it-yourself project because of the huge weight of a large marble base.

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