Six Steps To Charlotte NC Lawn Maintenance

Six Steps To Charlotte NC Lawn Maintenance

Such moves should help render your neighbors happy for your grass.

Phase 1: Note that the grass will not be higher than 7.62 cm long when mowing lawn. You will need to be more involved in your lawn care during those seasons, than in other seasons. For eg, your grass can develop faster in spring time than in the summer.You may want to check out charlotte nc lawn maintenance for more.

Phase 2: Aeration of your lawn during the fall and spring seasons is necessary. Once you ventilate the dirt you give for a great dirt condition. It would also contribute to reduce compaction of the soil. Lawn maintenance may be complicated because you can see the negative impact it can have on your lawn when talking of missing a move. Aerating the lawn allows the plant to further retain water and nutrients, which tends to remove the build up of thatch.

Move 3: It will be in the spring and fall the perfect time to fertilize the lawn and keep it clean. You want to use a fertilizer which has a gradual release to it while attempting to attain the maximum lawn maintenance. This will help hold the grass greener for longer.

Phase 4: You’ll want to check the land during the summer months. Getting a 0.09 square meter lawn segment and raising it up with a spade or shovel, and recording the amount of insects below, is the way to check the soil for grubs. This would mean you would treat the lawn with a grub remedy after counting the insects five or more. Recall reading for every lawn maintenance device, and carefully obey directions.

Phase 5: Remaining on top of weeds is the next critical step one has to consider in lawn maintenance. There are plenty of products out there that function to destroy weeds and prevent their development. Carefully read the notes, to make sure you don’t put the drug over or under.

Phase 6: Make sure your lawn gets at least 2.5 cm of water per week to preserve the good appearance you’ve been striving so hard for. Irrigation over will create as many complications as it does without irrigation.